We are forever inspired by the women around us, by their stories, their successes and challenges, by their beauty and style. We believe that all the clothes we design come to life only when worn by their special owners, becoming part of their story and, hopefully, making it better.  

As a brand, we have always chosen to seek out and celebrate women’s achievements. Every DALB woman has a unique story to tell and we wanted to share some of them so that you can discover our community of likeminded and inspirational women. We bring in women with different backgrounds to share their experiences and achievements, to hopefully empower other women in their own battles.

Alina Aliman is a long-time icon of the Romanian fashion journalism. Editor in chief of the A List Magazine print issue and founder of the DreamingOF blog, she is a constant source of inspiration, be it for her in depth materials on designers & brands or her very nicely curated Instagram page (@alinaaliman). We have stepped into her stylish universe and tried to find out as much as possible about her take on fashion, style & lifestyle.


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Ana Rubeli is equally a visual creator and a history preserver. She has embraced her passion for architecture and particularly for old buildings and transformed it into a modern world encyclopedia. You’ll love her stories on cities, neighborhoods or houses and you’ll be the first to sign up for her charming events. 


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Honest, confident, yet fragile at the same time, Mara Coman is a fantastic woman. Change did not come easy but doing what she loves and relaxes her is paramount. Enjoy this short trip into the bits and pieces of her experience as journalist, former editor-in-chief of Harper's Bazaar & Marie Claire and now digital creator. 


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Unlearning patterns and embracing your true self – the most relevant lessons one has to learn. Anamaria Olaș found her path by finding herself in a storm of ideas, preconceptions and social barriers. We loved taking photos of her and talking for hours.


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Sînziana Năstase is a charming woman with a passion for everything retro and romantic. She likes to shop local and think global. Moreover, she found the recipe for joy: staying faithful to little pleasures in key moments of the day.


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An out-of-the-box thinker and a results-oriented specialist, Mirela Solomon is highly regarded for orchestrating integrated communication campaigns that effectively engage consumers in immersive brand experiences in business-to-consumer projects. She has currently enrolled in a new entrepreneurial project, Amaze, an interdisciplinary space providing concept & tools for content creators and podcasters.


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Young and ambitious, Andreea Chirila is a successful entrepreneur in the fashion field. She is an accredited Style Coach, with an ongoing PhD in Fashion and also the co-founder of the first personal styling application in Romania, MOD App.


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