What we wear can be a transformational and purposeful act. The right outfit can change your stature, your mood, even your life. It allows you to be one step closer to your dreams and aspirations. It can literally make you feel as floating on air. DALB’s designer understands this, and she imprinted a vivid feeling of dressing up for who you aspire to be into their newest collection, AERIAL. 

The Autumn Winter 2022 AERIAL collection is optimistic and aspirational, but realistic nonetheless, founded in the now. It is created for the wants and needs of women today, each piece is purposefully designed to spark positivity and strength in the woman that wears it. As the seasons change and the colours shift around us, we wanted to play with less traditional autumn colours to ignite the senses and spark joy as we enter the darker months. We combined fuchsia for confidence, assurance, and maturity, yellow for warmth and that radiant energy and the calming, relaxing and healing blue. All traits that we see in the women around us. There are few things as beautiful as the confident woman and that is what we hope you will feel like when putting on one of our pieces, regardless of what is going on in the world around us at the moment.