DALB’s designs stem from a long-time search to create a new definition of luxury – a luxury that is based on ethical choices and processes, is focused on the highest levels of design and craftmanship and that is slowing the fashion cycle. In order to achieve this, we created a carefully crafted mix between artisanal and new technologies, paying particular attention to the details. Our aim is to obtain high-end designer pieces with an attractive price point, without the wholesale markups. 

We only work with independent traditional tailors and local ateliers, in a socially responsible set up. We like it like that, as it allows us to know everyone involved in our production chain, to have a clear view on the process and to sow the DALB story into every detail. 

The final product, be it a delicate dress or an elevated cocktail wear, becomes a true conversation starter. We are passionate about designs we can invest in now and wear forever and about versatile shapes that we find ourselves reaching for again and again. DALB is inclusive, yet exclusive, creating a community of well-educated and sophisticated women, with a good eye for detail.

The Designer

It comes a time in every woman’s life when she feels that she should leave her mark on the world. This was the case for Mihaela Dulgheru, the founder and the Creative Director of DALB, when she decided to build on her love for style and make the shift from a consultancy career to a completely new and challenging business.

She started DALB with 3 strong convictions:  

* to be a brand that is proposing so much more than clothes, by empowering women to feel confident in their femininity and be connected to a community of other well-educated and sophisticated women

* to build a company that is advocating not only for a lifestyle of grace and elegance, but also for a clean lifestyle, based on intelligent and documented choices

* to be a Romanian owned brand that is becoming a globally known name, by bringing to light the extraordinary craftmanship of the Romanian tailors, so often underpaid and anonymously working for international brands, and to change the perception on this underrated profession that is attracting fewer and fewer young people.