DALB’s LA VIE EST BELLE Collection further explores one of DALB´s core values – the power of positive dressing, focusing on themes such as of joie de vivre and longevity, showcasing pieces to be loved and lived in season after season. The collection investigates the mind mending power of clothes through sensuous hemlines and expertly cut silhouettes acknowledging that fact that there’s something about colors, patterns and shapes that bring back the joy of living and the hope for a better tomorrow. 

Black and white dominate, offering a canvas for seasonal colours such as shades of green or orange to pop with impact. Grey is given a new refinement through subtle color associations with black and white or the oh so youthful lilac. Classic pieces are artfully reinvented with surprising insertions of plissé or by playing with shapes and bows imprinting a sort of playfulness into each garment. As in all the brand’s collections, all designs exude an understated elegance and refinement placing the focus on the woman wearing the clothes not on the clothes themselves.