The Story

DALB by Mihaela Dulgheru is a high-end ready-to-wear brand based and producing in Bucharest. The label stands for timeless elegance and grace, celebrating the feminine form in a way that transcends the test of time. Drawing most of her inspiration from classical stories, including children's books, the designer Mihaela Dulgheru likes to play with shapes and colours, giving a touch of magic playfulness to all her designs. Focusing on luxury fabrics and materials, the collections embody her dreamy spirit and her keen attention to detail, with an ultra-feminine twist.

A strong promoter of the slow fashion concept, the brand produces only limited edition collections, eliminating the waste of mass production and excess. Combining high-end fashion with sensible sustainability, DALB is exclusively producing in Romania by employing the highest quality local craftsmanship. The label aims at supporting high-end manufacturing in Romania, creating value for local businesses, reducing CO2 emissions from transport and allowing for direct quality control, while ensuring fair working condition for all craftsmen. By doing so, their customers can be assured they are choosing quality products while reinforcing responsible clothing manufacturing.


I strongly believe there is a need for real and solid values in this world.

I believe that there are times when we should take it slowly and put things into the right perspective.

I believe that instead of thinking solely of today, we should also focus on tomorrow.

And yes, I believe that the grace and elegance a person shows on the outside truly reflects her from the inside!

This is why I design clothes and this is what I want to say the world through my clothes!