Adornment, what a science! Beauty, what a weapon!

Coco Chanel

Whether we want to admit it or not, fashion has become a constant presence of our lives. However, many of us relate to fashion with restraint as it often seems like a struggle to decipher ambiguous and ever-changing rules set by the big brands. Fail to be on trend and the punishment is ridicule. No wonder a lot of people choose to play it safe with their style, and in doing so avoid ridicule but also don’t get to feel much at all about how they chose to present themselves to the world. 

What we are proposing through this new CHASE of a FEELING Collection is a change of perception on our choice of clothes. Fashion moves the body and plays with emotions. If we shift our understanding of fashion from simple garments to emotional tools, we believe that clothing can be used to sense and articulate our emotions in different contexts. The garments we chose to wear help us to transcend the everyday and to tune us in to our own emotions as part of a journey towards self-discovery. 

DALB’s new collection uses shapes and colours to bring a sense of clarity and confidence in the emotional power of clothes. The SUPERB tailoring, functional yet flattering, the meaningful colours and the UNIQUE twists on classical cuts bring power and purpose to each piece. 

The choice of colours is limited but powerful, building on the warmth and positivity of pink and the healing power of sea green. Pieces are versatile and transformative, so that they can be worn season after season, from fall to summer. Detachable sleeves are one of the key features of this collection making the pieces seasonless.

SHOP LESS, WEAR MORE and with a meaning, this is what we hope to achieve.