Style inspiration from Elena Geamăn

Style inspiration from Elena Geamăn

She’s always feminine, regardless of the outfit, and makes any shirt or dress stand out. Elena is a talented stylist with a strong passion for statement looks. You could see her at breakfast wearing a demure dress paired with edgy shoes and accessories. So we met for a coffee to talk about fashion.

What are the 3 must have items for any wardrobe?

A closet built on a streamlined selection of items makes day-to-day dressing infinitely easier. If you don't know where to begin when it comes to building up the "essentials" section of your closet, the pieces below should serve as an excellent primer. Here are 3 items I think every woman needs all year round: a trusty blouse, quality denim and a little black dress.

What’s a classic choice for a transitional (summer to autumn) look?

The most wonderful time of the year is quickly approaching: autumn. With cooler and crisper temperatures on the way, it's time to revamp your preppy wardrobe and start shopping favourite seasonal staples. You don' t have to put your dresses away just because colder temperatures have arrived. Instead, pair them with chic fall boots and a light jacket for a perfectly seasonal look.

Tell us about the first piece of clothing that sparked your passion for fashion.

When it comes to clothing, I can’t live without suits. For me, fashion is an art form, and so is the right tailoring.

What are the most valuable criteria you use for a successful shopping spree?

I strictly set my budget, make an inventory of my closet, wear fitted underlayers (for the easiest dressing room changes), I wear my hair up in a bun and choose minimal make-up. These small details add to the comfort and sharpness when out on a shopping mission.

Name a DALB piece that you could wear even 10 years from now.

The midi Dalba Dress is a piece that I could wear for years. I love its asymmetries.