Style inspiration from Codrina Apostol

Style inspiration from Codrina Apostol

Once you’ve seen her videos or photos, you can’t not follow her. Codrina is a true style icon and she’ll win your heart with her so-rare mix of beauty, wits and family girl!

1.What are the 3 staple items for any feminine wardrobe or look?

A classic pair of black pumps is certainly an essential to have in your closet. They go well with any outfit and you will definitely use them for almost every important event.

Every woman needs a little black dress in her wardrobe. It is timeless and ageless. It’s perfect for every occasion, it never goes out of style and most important, black looks good on everyone.

When you decide to invest in a camel coat, you are buying a versatile piece that will be in style for years. The camel coat makes a statement even when you wear it with denim, leather or formal attire. Its neutral hue goes well with any other colour.

2.What’s an item every woman should own during the cold season? And what’s an unnecessary indulgence this season?

I’m that type of girl that fights the cold weather without sacrificing my fashion sense. A statement coat is my way to overcome monotony. In winter time, my outwear is the most important aspect of my wardrobe, so I stay away from colours like black or neutral. This year I choose to wear faux fur coats in blue, green and yellow.

When it comes to unnecessary fashion indulgences, I must admit that this season I am addicted to mini bags. Nothing fits inside, not even my phone, but hey...don’t judge!

3.What’s your go-to combination whenever you want to feel 100% Codrina?

A white t-shirt, a pair of leather pants, a structured blazer and a statement piece of jewellery (earrings or necklace) are my all-time favourites.

4.Shopping online or offline? What would you pick if there would be only one option?

The last year was all about shopping online. At the beginning I wasn’t enjoying it, but the benefits were great and eventually I gave up. Convenience, better prices, more variety, easy price comparison are just few of the things that made me give up my shopping trips.

5.Name a DALB piece that you could wear even 10 years from now.

My Round Dress is definitely that type of dress that I can wear every season (summer to winter) for the next 20 years.